The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts is proud to support the mission of El Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure (MAAA). 



The Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure (MAAA), is an internationally recognized not-for-profit art institution in Acarigua, Venezuela. MAAA is the only museum of its kind in the region and is dedicated to the exhibition of local and international contemporary art. The Museum was founded by Ali Cordero Casal in 1987 as a forum to promote contemporary art, culture and education through exhibitions and public programs that engage the local and international community.




MAAA has an active exhibition program that includes, regional, national and international artists, offering between 4 and 6 exhibitions a year.


MAAA is located in the heart of the sister cities of Acarigua and Araure in the central western state of Portuguesa in Venezuela. Portuguesa is best known for its agricultural industry and its beautiful Venezuelan plains. MAAA is situated about 200 miles west of Caracas. The museum is easily accessible from the capital by a 30-minute plane ride to Barquisimeto, which is 30 minutes away by car from Acarigua-Araure.


Education is an important aspect of MAAA’s mission and the museum maintains close relationships with schools in the region through workshops and educational activities.


MAAA was awarded a land grant in 1988 by the Asociacion Civil Club Paez, to use the site of a former social club as the main exhibition space for the Museum. The building is an architectural jewel, inaugurated in 1955. The interior architecture reflects the beauty and elegance of mid-century design through its black and white granite floors and its expansive open plan gallery spaces.