Venezuela has nurtured many great artists since its discovery by Christopher Columbus, who at his arrival to our territory called it “Land of Grace,” a term still used to describe Venezuela today.

Armando Reveron, known as the master of light, Jesus Soto, the father of kinetics art, Arturo Michelena, and Centeno Vallenilla, are but a few of Venezuela most recognized visual artists. Carlos Raul Villanueva, was a world-class architect that in the 50s changed the face of Caracas to modernism. Rómulo Gallegos, Guillermo Meneses, Arturo Uslar Pietri and Teresa de la Parra, left an undeniable mark in literature. Musicians as Teresa Carreño, the great piano prodigy of the nineteenth century, excelled in their field and were greatly acclaimed. These are some examples of the great talent that has originated in Venezuela and which undoubtedly makes Venezuelans proud of their heritage.

Most recently, we have the “Maestro” José Antonio Abreu, creator of the “Youth Orchestras System” a project unique in the world spreading through classical music education in the whole country. In fashion, notable designers such Ángel Sánchez and Carolina Herrera, who has created an impact in the world by redefining “taste” and “class” with an elegant concept of simplicity that evokes the Bauhaus philosophy of “less is more.” Both cases are some illustrations of the rich culture and creativity that generates from the land, adding to Venezuela’s legacy as well as influencing the many young artists that day-by-day grow in it’s grounds.

The geography of the country is privileged. The Tepuys, are the oldest formations on earth; The Amazon, are the lungs of our planet and shelter a rich wildlife; Guayana, has the highest waterfall in the world “The Angel’s Fall”; Choroní and Los Roques are considered the jewels of the Caribbean; Due to the privileged weather and geography of Venezuela, this land, throughout the years, has been a rich canvas for agriculture, resulting in a succulent cuisine filled with tropical flavors.

The kindness of the Venezuelan population and their “alegría de vivir” have been recognized from visitors during centuries, as well as their exceptional beauty, the product of mixed races throughout generations.

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