VAEA was founded on June 13th 1990 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth in Acarigua, Venezuela of Jose Antonio Paez. Since its beginnings, VAEA has sponsored several cultural events in Venezuela and the United States. Our two countries have had a longstanding tradition of friendship for more than 200 years and VAEA’s commitment is to promote programs that will continue this tradition for future generations.

VAEA is a New York Based Public Charity under section 501 (c) 3.


The Mission of The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts (VAEA) is to promote through the visual and performing arts a deeper and richer understanding by Venezuelan citizens of U.S. culture, and by U.S. citizens of Venezuelan culture.

VAEA aims to do this by supporting, including by funding the conduct of activities such as exhibitions, performance, publication, distribution and dissemination of works and information regarding, visual and performing arts in and of both countries, and by providing funding and other support to individuals and organizations including domestic tax-exempt and foreign charitable organizations and otherwise to support and conduct activities in furtherance of VAEA purposes.

Throughout history the United States and Venezuela have always had a very stimulating cultural dialogue, VAEA aims to honor and further develop the cultural relationship between this two great nations through rich and dynamic cultural exchanges.

Additionally, VAEA also promotes culture, diversity and education universally by giving educational grants and organizing cultural exchange programs with young people, regardless of their nationality, throughout the world.


Honorary Chairman

Luis Herrera Campins ✝
Former President of Venezuela


Founder / Chairman: Ali Cordero Casal

Vice President: Jose Nicolas Giacopini

Directors: Luis R. Cancel, John Stephen Fancher, Andreina Fuentes, James Goldschmidt, Antonio Herrera-Vaillant, G. Edward Kalbaugh, Manuel Sosa.

Advisory Board:  Maria Brito Souza, Ricardo Brunstein, John Cahill, Patrick Cooney, Rafael Egañez, Francisco Gonzalez, Anne Horton, Robert J. Horton, Edward Mapplethorpe, Juan Proano, Calogero Salvo, Alex Slato, Marcio Souza.

Chairman’s Forum:

Ali Cordero Casal was born in Acarigua, Venezuela August 12th, 1955, Cordero Casal obtained a degree in business administration in the Universidad Católica Andres Bello de Caracas. Cordero Casal is the founder and chairman of ACC Insurance Brokers Group, with 30 years of operations and presence in Venezuelan, US and Europe.Cordero Casal always had a great interest for the arts, expressing it by being an active contemporary art collector, a visual artist and a philanthropist.

He is the founder president of the Museo de Arte Acarigua Araure (MAAA) in Venezuela, which besides exhibiting Art has a vast array of social and educational programs. He also founded The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts and remains the chairman of this institution.

Cordero Casal serves as board member and advisor of other charitable institutions.


Valeria Cordero, Executive Director

Veronica Liprandi, Director of Operations in Venezuela

Anabela Mendoza, Programs Associate & Miami Representative

Andrea Suels, Public & Institutional Relations Associate

Paez as a Symbol

US Culture

Venezuelan Culture