Please join VAEA’s initiative to provide art supplies for artists in need working in Venezuela. By becoming a “Padrino” and contributing $500 or more, you will be ensuring that a talented artist will continue to produce his / her work in critical times.

VAEA will give the artists a monthly stipend for a period of one year to purchase art supplies, pay for rental of equipment, studio space or any necessary expense associated with the creation of new artwork.

Through the Padrino program you can also support Venezuelan and North American artists participate in cultural exchange opportunities via Artists in Residency programs for $1500 or more. We currently have artists in Mexico and Berlin thanks to the generous support of their Padrinos.

VAEA is a NY based public charity under section 501 (c)3 and contributions to VAEA are tax deductible to the extend allowable by law in the United States.


Become a “Padrino”


For questions or comments, you can reach us at:

Phone: 917 285 8232 (vaea)

Email: contact@vaearts.org


If you are an artist working in Venezuela interested in applying to get a “Padrino” send us an email to grants@vaearts.org with the subject “Application for Programa Padrino” and include your contact information and a one page essay explaining your needs.

To be considered for the “Padrino Program” artists must first apply for VAEA’s Artists’ Registry Online.


Photo: Artist Benjamín Arenas, from La Tapa in Venezuela, who is the first artist to have the support of a “Padrino”. To learn more about Benjamín’s work, visit his VAEA Artists’ Registry Online profile.